Has the fear of professional cleaning services prices kept you from getting the janitorial help you need? You might be amazed at the amount of time daily maintenance tasks take out of your time and the time of your employees. The truth is that pricing is very reasonable and will actually save you money – you and your employees can get back to the job of earning money instead of dusting or vacuuming.

The Basics of Cleaning Services Practices

As you may have guessed, the price you pay depends on the complexity of the services required, the size of the area, and the frequency needed. Obviously, a large corporation or business will require more on-site cleaning time than a small business. However, no matter what the size of the company, a spotless first impression and work environment is imperative to a successful business.

The majority of professional services price office jobs by square footage. This will include the basic services that will be performed each time the company is on site.

Daily office cleaning rates in urban areas may cost approximately ten cents per square foot for every hour the professionals are on site. If you own a 15,000 square foot office building you can expect to pay several thousand dollars a month for daily (nightly) services.

Some companies give their clients a fixed rate. If you require bathroom cleaning and trash pickup two times per week the amount will be significantly lower (factoring in the number of bathrooms and the amount of trash, of course).

Small businesses can get great services with fixed rate prices. If you own or operate a small office you might find janitorial services for under three hundred dollars per month.

Loaded and Productivity Rates

When you meet with an office cleaning company representative the cost structure should be straightforward. You may come across two terms that are not familiar: loaded rate and productivity rate.

  • Loaded Rate: The loaded rate is the cost per hour for dealing with waste, supplies, and other overhead costs for the provider
  • Productivity Rate: The productivity rate is the amount of space the pros can clean in one hour

The total cost of your janitorial services is determined by combining these two figures.

The Extras

As with most businesses, special services cost more. Rates for jobs such as power washing the outside of the building will add to the overall cost of the service. Costs for special services are based on the square footage of the structure, chemicals and special equipment needed, and the time required to do the job.

Commercial cleaning rates are affordable. By letting a professional service handle the job, you not only get regular service, you are also able to keep staff expenses lower. You don’t have to hire maintenance staff, and you don’t find yourself paying higher paid staff to do basic skills.

When you hire a professional company you immediately put you and your staff back to where they should be – on the job. Cleaning services prices offered by commercial companies will allow you to increase your bottom line while insuring the “chores” get done on a routine basis.

Cleaning Services Prices Paid

Pricing details: My company was looking for multiple cleaning services quotes and the best one that we got was for $720.00.

– Business Services, Schwenksville, PA

Pricing details: We received several prices and we agreed to a contract with a company for $50/month. They will clean our bathroom and office area.

– Business Services, Franklin, KY

Pricing details: Our company was looking for different commercial cleaning rates from companies in our area. We went with a professional that only charged us $175/month for our entire office. This was going to be done twice a week.

– Business Services, Mooresville, NC

Pricing details: Received many different quotes and the best deal that we got was for $480/month for a 3 times a week.

– Travel/Hospitality, Pensacola, FL

Pricing details: My company was searching for different janitorial rates and so far the best rate that we could find is $450/month.

– Financial Services, San Francisco, CA

Pricing details: We were able to speak to a few companies about the cleaning services prices. We eventually went with one that provided a general service quote for $190/month.

– Health Care, Noblesville, IN

Pricing details: We were looking for some office cleaning pricing and we were able to find a company that met exactly what we were looking for in regards to a price range.

– Business Services, Fort Lauderdale, FL

What other people are looking for

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I need to find a company to perform complete office cleaning and janitorial services for 6 offices in a small building.

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The company is looking for more info. We need to have 2 bathrooms cleaned and also to have our trash removed. Also need counter tops and refrigerator washed and scrubbed.

– Non-Profit, Pontiac, MI


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